CONcISE 1st Topical School: Advancing Biomedical Imaging Research

The CONcISE project is gearing up for its first topical school meeting set to take place in Milan, Italy, from 5 to 8 February 2024. Organised by Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI), in collaboration with Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche (CNR) and accelopment, it will see the participation of all project partners and their recruited Doctoral Candidates (DCs), who will join in a CONcISE network meeting for the very first time. The four-day training event has been designed to serve multiple objectives:

  • Introducing the CONcISE project: Partners will offer a detailed overview of the CONcISE project for the DCs, discussing its objectives and ambitious goal to overcome traditional limitations of the current biomedical instrumentation.
  • Introducing the DCs and their research: Each DC will be assigned a time slot to introduce themselves and provide insights into their scientific background and research project within CONcISE.
  • Scientific lectures: Three scientific lectures will introduce the attendees to relevant topics in their field of study. They will cover the physics of light-tissue interactions, the use of photonic devices, and fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging.
  • Industry lectures & lab visit: The industry lecture will focus on intellectual property rights, complemented by a hands-on lab visit at POLIMI & CNR for practical experience with photonics instrumentation. This combination offers a unique blend of legal insights and technical expertise
  • Science communication workshop: A one-day workshop will be dedicated to instructing the DCs into the basics of science communication and data management. Participants will learn about the best tools and strategies to disseminate their science, while learning on EU’s requirements on Open Science and FAIR principles.
  • Networking and collaboration: Through a series of social activities, the event seeks to provide an informal platform for DCs to interact, fostering collaboration and teamwork.
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