CONcISE unites world-leading academic and industrial leaders with computational and experimental expertise in the field of biomedical imaging. The primary goal of the project is to train cross-discipline experts who will develop efficient and data-driven systems for biomedical imaging.

Andrea Farina

Senior Researcher – CNR (Coordinator)

Stefano Bonora

Senior Researcher – CNR

Tanja Tarvainen

Professor – UEF

Matteo Bregonzio

CTO – Datrix

Michele Diana

Medical Scientific Director – UNISTRA

Cosimo D'Andrea

Associate Professor – POLIMI

Jesús Lancis

Full Professor – UJI

Enrique Tajahuerce

Associated Professor – UJI

Felix Lucka

Senior Researcher – CWI

Tristan van Leeuwen

Group Leader  – CWI

Pere Pérez Millán

CTO & Founder – FYLA

Simon Arridge

Full professor – UCL