CONcISE proposal successfully evaluated

We are happy to announce that the CONcISE proposal – COmputatioNal Imaging as a training Network for Smart biomedical dEvices – which was submitted to the Horizon-MSCA-2021-DN-01 call under the Single Electronic Data Interchange Area panel, has been successfully evaluated.

The CONcISE project, in collaboration with 11 Doctoral Candidates (DCs) each focusing on unique topics, aims to address the inherent limitations of existing biomedical instrumentation. Traditional devices prioritize data quantity over quality, resulting in excessive data that is challenging to manage, transfer, and analyse, leading to bottlenecks and gaps in measurements.

CONcISE brings together expertise from both computational and experimental domains to create innovative and unorthodox biomedical imaging systems. The project is shifting away from the conventional measurement paradigm, adopting a novel multi-dimensional imaging approach where the focus is on “Information Bandwidth” rather than “Fourier Bandwidth.” This change marks a significant departure from the norm and a step towards more effective and efficient biomedical imaging. We are excited about the potential of our groundbreaking project.

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