Serban Cristian Tudosie

DC11 – Learned adaptive encoder-decoder architecture for advanced fluorescence imaging

About Serban

Serban is a computer science PhD student at UCL with a devoted passion for deep learning, learning systems for biology, computer vision, and scientific research. He pursued his BSc in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Florence, Italy, and his MSc in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bologna, Italy. Here, he developed a strong passion for learning algorithms that he further strengthened with experiences in team-oriented projects at Bayer as a Machine Learning Researcher and at IBM as a Data Scientist. He is now determined to drive success and positively impact research at the intersection of biology, computer science, and machine learning.

“Bringing new advances in biomedical fields is my passion, which is what CONcISE is all about! I am motivated by this common goal towards discoveries in understanding diseases better, producing faster systems for guided surgery, and making more accurate measurements. These are only a few topics to be covered, and they are hungry for interdisciplinarity. Artificial intelligence must meet physics, and computer science must meet biology. There is a much greater need for diverse backgrounds. In CONcISE, this is a default aspect because of its Marie Curie nature. It motivates me even more to know that we can all learn new things from each other and collaborate on a much larger spectrum.” – Serban Cristian Tudosie (DC11).

About the research programme

Cristian’s PhD programme is focused on exploring the integration of learned Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) based decoders with an experimental encoder system that utilises spatial light patterns. The objective is to develop an innovative architecture capable of generating optimal encoding strategies adapted to experimental data. Additionally, the programme aims to conduct thorough testing of these developed architectures on experimental systems established at POLIMI and UNISTRA, aiming to bridge theoretical advancements with practical applications in optical and imaging technologies. Cristian is carrying out his research at the University Collage London (UCL) in the United Kingdom. During his employment, three secondments have been planned.