Giovanna Tramontin Carneiro

DC1 – Development and characterisation of a system for multispectral DOT implementing adaptive strategies

About Giovanna

Giovanna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, awarded in 2020. Subsequently, in 2021, she embarked on a Master’s programme in Medical Physics at the State University of Campinas, under the supervision of Prof Dra. Alessandra Tomal. Her research focus centre on the project titled “Evaluation of Voxelised Breast Models for Mammography Dosimetry”, where she has garnered expertise in conducting Monte Carlo simulations for digital mammography examinations utilizing voxelized breast models. Her academic interests are within the area of medical physics. Giovanna is interested in the integration of computational modelling and experimental methodologies to address contemporary challenges in medical physics, exemplified by the fusion of Monte Carlo simulations with experimental setups.

“I am very happy to be participating in this project, not only because of the professional growth, but also because of the personal experiences that it provides.” – Giovanna Tramonitin (DC1)

About the research programme

Giovanna’s PhD programme is focused on pioneering a system for multispectral diffuse-optical tomography, with a special emphasis on developing adaptive strategies for data compression during the measurement process. Furthermore, it aims to characterise and validate this system, ensuring its effectiveness and accuracy for practical applications. Giovanna is carrying out her research at the National Research Council (CNR). Three secondments are planned throughout her employment.